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Attracting and engaging the right driver prospects for your company means understanding who that person is, what motivates them and what might persuade them to want to know more.

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We Know Recruitment

We pick the right media, write effective copy and deliver recruitment marketing campaigns that fill your trucks fast, without you being swamped by a flood of unsuitable candidates.

We also offer other valuable services designed to enhance your recruitment marketing including: employer branding, applicant management and talent tracking - it’s all part of our brilliantly joined-up approach.


    We bring our insights and expertise together to determine the right strategy for your organization, whether that means looking at the big picture to develop an overall employer brand strategy or zeroing in on target audience needs, such as military, college or diversity.


    Our innovative approach to design and development translates to an effective online presence that clearly conveys your EVP and employer brand to create the strong foundation you need to thrive in a complex recruiting and retention environment.


    Is your organization facing an identity crisis? You’re not alone. We’ll help you uncover your true employer brand and then develop the consistent and compelling messaging you need to stand out.


    From planning and buying to the integration of social, mobile and emerging media channels, we help you get the most out of your recruitment marketing dollars by measuring results and adjusting the program accordingly.


Fresh Perspectives. New Ideas.

A full-service marketing agency that has the knowledge, experience and technology you need to attract, engage and retain the best people.

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Targeted Recruitment Advertising and Marketing That Actually Works...

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Delivering Results

We help private and corporately-owned trucking and delivery companies create dependable online driver acquisition systems so they can keep trucks on the road and regain control their of monthly revenue.

Talent Tracker Technology

In today’s competitive recruitment environment, our Talent Tracker technology identifies viable candidates on the hottest digital channels... targets them with compelling, persuasive copy then moves them through sophisticated conversion funnels all the way to your business.

Prospect Journey Management

You’ll want prospective new drivers to feel welcomed, valued and informed. This means thinking about every stage of their journey, from initial application to final decision. That’s where Bartens Media can help.

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