1. How To Target Millennials in the Trucking Industry

    One of the biggest challenges I am hearing more and more in the trucking industry is “How can I target millennials?” Sure, it is easy to research and say, “We are targeting millennials.” but are you really? Are you implementing and putting into play any ideas? Reaching out to the millennials…Read More

  2. 4 Steps for Creating The PERFECT New Driver Marketing Campaign

    The most important thing about every strategy and tactic you’re using to generate new, highly-qualified new driver prospects using paid traffic from platforms like Facebook is without question… the OFFER. You can’t run traffic to a bad offer and be successful. Unfortunately, we’ve had some e…Read More

  3. Save Time & Money Placing Your Company’s Job Ads

    Many companies are placing job ads from multiple locations around the country. It could be from a local branch, plant, warehouse or other type of facility. In other cases all of the job ads requests are sent to one employee who reviews, writes and then places the ads in the appropriate newspapers or…Read More